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Heating Service

Heating Service:

When it comes to your boiler, you might not think about it often, if at all!

Boilers are not something that users have to worry about all that often, are they? However, your boiler is an important piece of equipment in your home. It’s what generates the heat you need to keep your home nice and warm in the colder months.

When it’s working properly, your boiler will be very low maintenance. However, if something goes wrong with it, you could end up sat in a cold house wondering if you will ever be warm again!

A gas boiler service is a yearly  inspection and cleaning of your boilers internal parts and heating system round your home. This helps keep your system running efficiently , and can help prevent breakdowns and potential damage to the system. In fact, you could consider that boiler maintenance is like servicing your car or van, you wouldn’t neglecting doing it because you want it running at its best.

Yearly gas boiler services can be done at any time of year as long as it’s within the 12 month period of the last service, however, we would suggest the summer months so you can avoid having issues with the boiler when you require it in the colder months. 


At AMG all our engineers are Gas Safe registered