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We provide professional facilities management services to all sectors.

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AMG Facilities Management

Who we are

AMG Facilities Management Ltd from their Rochester base provide services throughout the South East. These services include heating, ventilation, air conditioning and water services. By listening carefully to clients problems, accurately diagnosing the cause and implementing a fix first time” service, we ensure a high level of returning clients and recommendations. At AMG, we believe that “Maintaining Excellence” in everything we undertake will ensure we meet all our clients expectations.

AMG Facilities Management

Services We Provide:


Whether it is a gas, oil or solid fuel heating system, our engineers are trained to identify and rectify problems with the highest efficiency.


Regular filter cleaning / replacement, fan belt tensioning / replacement and duct cleaning are all essential to maintain a Safe and Healthy environment.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning systems require our engineer training to be updated in compliance with the F-Gas regulations due to continuous changes in refrigerants.

Water Services

One of the main services for water systems is the prevention of Legionella. AMG FM Ltd use an independent specialist water treatment company and analysis laboratory.


AMG installs and maintains Daikin, Mitsubishi and Panasonic Air source heat pumps. Low running costs, government incentives and no emissions.