Maintenance Contracts Objective

We operate as specialists in management and maintenance of building services. We are also part of a collective group of established specialists who we can call on or use for particular plant or service. AMG Maintenance contracts are prepared with all the equipment and systems you require to ensure compliance with your obligations. 

AMG Maintenance Contract Proposals

All statutory obligations that are covered in the contract are shown separately on the schedule along with required frequency of inspection and /or testing. 
The maintenance section lists all of the plant and services covered by this proposal and the number of visits per annum.

Any manufacturers current valid warranty on plant and equipment will be supported for its duration. If the warranty provides for free issue replacement parts we shall comply with the warranty terms to access this benefit on your behalf. Any labour contribution  credit offered by the manufacturer shall also be passed on.

We can offer all inclusive contracts, covering all emergency callouts and replacement parts. Due to the variables and uncertainties of such contracts we would generally advise against this form of contract as they are inevitably expensive.

It is our mission to continually refine and improve the services we offer to our clients and we therefore welcome your input and suggestions to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship.

All compliance documentation generated as part of an AMG maintenance contract will be uploaded on AMG’s webpage portal to be viewed or printed at any time. Individual customer portal log on details will be sent out on commencement of an AMG maintenance contract in an email link requiring you to generate a password.

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